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Check out the finished project here:

In this tutorial, we’ll cover:

  • Saving battery life by scheduling a repeating Service rather than keeping the activity running constantly
  • Creating an ongoing Notification
  • Reading the system’s time
  • Controlling vibration

Ok, Let’s get started!

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A while back I went to the Game On exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre, and fell in love with the form factor of cocktail arcade cabinets. These are the arcade machines where players sit across from each other and play vertical games, where the screen flips orientation depending on whose turn it is.

I planned to use my arcade cabinet for demo-ing games at game jams, for teaching kids (I find they like to hit buttons more than just mouse and keyboard), and for playing lots of Burgertime.

It’s worth noting that all of this can equally apply to making a USB “GO” button for QLab or any other theatre playback software. There will, though, be a separate tutorial for that, because in theatre you want physical redundancy.

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